Welcome, and thank you for choosing Remindedbyyou.com. Remindedbyyou.com is a recurring greeting card membership service. Below are the terms of service you agree to enter into when using Remindedbyyou.com and all the services related to it, hereto stated as the terms of service agreement. The terms of service agreement is a legal agreement voluntarily entered into by you (“you” the customer), and we, remindedbyyou.com (“we” the service provider of remindedbyyou.com) defining the terms, conditions, disclaimers, liabilities, and other provisions, governing your use of the site and all of the services, features, and products offered by remindedbyyou.com.

By accessing this site and/or, by using our services you indicate your intent to accept and comply with every condition in this agreement, and represent that you are at least 18 years old, or of legal age within your state to enter into legal agreements, or if you are under 18 years old, that your use of this site is under your parent or legal guardian’s permission. If you choose not to agree with the terms of service, or do not meet the sites requirements, you understand you are not permitted to use or access any products, memberships, or services provided by Remindedbyyou.com. Additionally, you understand that this agreement predefines the terms for resolving disputes and agree that any predefined resolutions as stated below relinquish your rights to any legal disputes through class action lawsuits or trials by jury.

Definition of services:

Services offered on remindedbyyou.com, defined in the terms of service agreement, may include but are not limited to the URL Remindedbyou.com, related applications, content, membership profile’s, intellectual property (logo’s, text, images), products and packaging (cards, envelopes, boxes, stamps, etc.) and support services (messaging, email’s).

Changes to the terms of service agreement:

Remindedbyyou.com may change, modify, suspend, or remove any service or features, at any time, without limitation, and without any prior notice to you.

Personal Information & Privacy:

When you create a membership with remindedbyyou.com you will be required to provide the following information: first name, last name, email address, password, and may be required to provide your shipping information, billing information, credit card information, phone number, as well as any other information relevant to selected occasion dates regarding your personal relationships, which may include, but are not limited to the type of occasion, the date of occasion, the person receiving the card, your relationship to the person receiving the card and any other information you voluntarily choose to provide. We reserve the right to collect, store, and distribute any information you voluntarily provide as well as any information you provide through automatic tracking technology, like the use of cookie collections, third party analytic software, geolocations, device information, IP Address, click redirects, pixel tagging, web beacons and more.

You may be required to provide some personal information. When providing such personal information you agree that you are responsible to provide only thorough information which is up to date, honest, and complete. You agree to be held responsible to maintain this information to the requirements above and may be suspended or relinquish your membership of Remindedbyyou.com if we deem any information to be dishonest or untrustworthy. If at anytime you feel Remindedbyyou.com suspended your account incorrectly you may email a request for reinstatement at suspensions@remindedbyyou.com.

You may choose to access the site or share information through the use of third party platforms such as social networks, websites or applications, in doing so you agree that any third-party information you provide using such platforms is your responsibility to maintain, protect, and validate, and hold yourself wholly liable for any personal information acquired through, or shared with a third-party platform as your responsibility, including the potential for another person’s information such as name, email address, birthdate, and phone numbers. Information we receive from third party or social media sites may include but is not limited to your name, your account name, personal interests, location history, public data, “friend” information, demographics and more. The data we collect is based upon the privacy settings you set on those sites and your responsibility to protect. You hold yourself responsible to maintain the security of your passwords and maintain the terms of agreement through any third-party platform as yours alone, and fully indemnify remindedbyyou.com to be held harmless against any breach of security or privacy in relation to services provided.

We may choose to use the information we collect in a number of ways to help make your experience better. This may include but is not limited to your use of data in helping us improve on financial transactions, advertising and marketing materials, and operational efficiency.

Remindedbyyou.com Rules & Regulations

Remindedbyyou.com offers greeting cards for the exclusive, personal, non-commercial, use for its members. At no time should you expect to have any rights to distribute, resell, or market the products, services, images, or logos offered on or by remindedbyyou.com for any commercial purposes. Use of any products or services offered on remidendedbyyou.com for any purposes other than their intended use is strictly forbidden and any mis-use will result in the immediate termination of your account as well as any potential legal action as warranted.

When using Remindedbyyou.com you agree to follow all applicable state and federal laws which include but are not limited to:

· Impersonating any person or misrepresenting another-person’s identity.

· Use of any web attacks including DDOS, transmission of viruses, or other software

· Attempt to collect or store data on other members.

· Engage in fraud of any manner

· Attempt any unauthorized entry into other members accounts or into our system

Remindedbyyou.com may choose to share your information to government authorities if we believe the local, state or federal authorities are in their right to request such information in order to help assist in legal investigations.

Pricing & Membership:

Remindedbyyou.com provides greeting cards services for members by offering multiple membership options which define separate pricing and benefits per membership. Membership options are based on the amount of annual and everyday cards you as a member deem to appropriate to receive. It is your sole responsibility to select the proper membership level. The price you will be charged annually will be based upon the price posted on the site from the date you signed up, as well as the current price posted during the recurring date of membership. Remindedbyyou.com reserves the right to change the price for membership at any time, does not offer any protection on pricing, and will not provide you with a refund in the case of a price change.

Membership Pricing:

Membership levels are based upon “up-to” quantities, which means that each membership level will allow you to receive “up-to” a predefined number of annual cards and everyday cards per membership. Depending on the membership level you choose, your membership may result in card quantities which are not fully utilized in the offered quantity for the membership level. it is your responsibility to utilize your membership to its fullest extent, which means that it is your responsibility to receive the full quantity of cards offered in the membership. If you do not use the total quantity of cards per annum, you will not receive any refund on unused cards nor will any cards

Automatic Shipping:

Part of our service is to automatically ship cards to you before the date of event which may not have been selected by you. We want you to be completely satisfied with every card we send you, so if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the cards you receive, you will have the right to request one, manually selected, additional card in its place at no cost to you.

Service Termination:

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service we will provide you with a full refund within the first 30 days from the membership start date, less the per card cost of any card’s you received during the first 30 days. Once you request cancellation of Remindedbyyou.com we will credit the remaining refund of the membership within 7 business days from the date of request. Remindedbyyou.com will not provide a refund on services more than 30 days after the date of inception.

Trials and Promotions:

From time to time remindedbyyou.com may offer a free trials or other promotions, which could lead you to signing up for the fully paid service. In order to receive the promotion, you will be required to provide a valid credit card which will remain on file to begin the initial trial. This trial will be put on a recurring annual shipment at the full cost of service for the next period. If after the trial, you choose not to receive any further service you will have to manually cancel the membership. If you choose not to cancel the membership you will receive the next shipment of cards on the selected recurring date and will not be offered any reimbursement for the service. Trial-offers are exclusive for new customers only, one time only, and are limited to one trial per household, any additional terms and conditions may be included on the trial offer.

Service Renewals:

To sign up for the services offered by Remindedbyyou.com, you will be required to provide a valid credit card which will remain on file in order to fulfill your annual membership. You will be charged the full years membership fee once annually using the payment method on file from the date of sign up.

Annual Card Dates:

Annual cards are annually recurring greeting cards which have been preselected by the category, date, and other occasion specific information, by you to be delivered annually in advance of each occasion. The membership level you select will determine how many annual card’s you will have the right to receive annually. To provide you with ample time to receive the card, Remindedbyyou.com will ship each card from our warehouse within Nine (9) days before the occasion date. We will provide you with an email reminder every day before the shipment date to remind you of the upcoming occasion and to allow you to enter the site manually to select your card within at least six (6) days before the shipment date. If you do not manually select the card, we will automatically select the occasion specific card for you and ship it out nine days before the occasion. Once you manually select the card, we will no longer send an email reminder regarding the occasion. You agree that Remindedbyyou.com is not responsible to select the correct occasion date, or occasion type, nor are we held responsible legally or otherwise, in any way to ensure that your annual card arrives before the occasion date selected.

Everyday Cards:

Everyday cards are non-recurring, greeting cards which are individually selected by you to be delivered for a one-time delivery, immediately after request, or on a preselected date. A specific number of everyday cards are included free with the membership level you select, and any additional everyday cards will be priced at the average cost of your membership per card. For an everyday card to be processed you will have the option to select the card personally or allow Remindedbyyou.com to select the card for you. If you preselect a date for delivery we will ship the card nine (9) days before the entered date of the occasion. If you select an order to deliver immediately, we will process and ship your card within 48 hours. You agree that Remindedbyyou.com is not responsible to select the correct occasion date, or occasion type, nor are we held responsible legally or otherwise, in any way to ensure that your Everyday Card arrives before the occasion date selected.

Email & Communications:

In order to create a membership with Remindedbyyou.com you will be required to provide your email address along with other information. In doing so you give Remindedbyyou.com the right and permission to communicate product updates, promotions, messages, and any other information relevant to your account with you through the email address you provided. If you choose not to receive certain email communications, Remindedbyyou.com will provide you with the opportunity to opt-out of receiving certain communications, excluding the right to opt out of delivery information, annual card alerts, everyday card alerts, payment alerts, processing alerts, and order fulfillment. To opt out of receiving marketing emails visit the following link. www.remindedbyyou.com/unsubscribe

If you would like to communicate with remindedbyyou.com you can email us at communications@remindedbyyou.com. In emailing us you understand that we will respond as we see fit and may choose not to reply to your message. Additionally, you understand that any information you send to remindedbyyou.com is unsolicited and we do not accept or consider any ideas, or suggestions to improvements for service, nor should you expect any compensation for any ideas or suggestions that you send to remindedbyyou.com. We have this policy in place to remove any potential conflicts on ideas or misunderstandings of our business operations and strategies. Knowing this, if you still choose to email unsolicited ideas or suggestions you understand that any ideas or suggestions will become the exclusive property of remindedbyyou.com and you forfeit all rights to compensation of your email submission.

Product Warranty’s & Damage:

Remindedbyyou.com wants to provide you with the best experience possible when receiving our cards. If at anytime you receive a card which was damaged or did not meet your expectations please provide us with feedback at www.remindedbyyou.com/previouscards/feedback, and we will work immediately to find a solution for you.