"I DO"


Front: To My Amazing Husband, / On this day I said, “I do.” /I said “I do” to the love we share and the devotion I would give to you. / I said “I do” looking deeply into the eyes of the only man I’d say it to. / I said “I do” with simple words to last forever through.

Inside: Our marriage makes my life complete, and it’s all because of you. I still love you as much as the first time I said “I do.”

Description: Commemorate the moment you shared your life together by giving him the "I Do" anniversary card from Remindedbyyou.com.  This anniversary card for your husband is a beautiful way to share the moment you solidified your commitment to each other and features crosshatch cover paper, white foil text, and a light beige envelope. 

Paper Type: Crosshatch Cover Paper

Envelope Color: Light Beige Envelope

Card Dimensions: 5" W x 7" H