About Us

Remindedbyyou.com is a greeting card subscription innovating the way you buy and send cards.

We Remember!

Our Greeting Card Subscription guarantees you'll never forget another important occasion again with our unique occasions page feature.  There you'll be able to enter in every recurring occasion you typically buy cards for, like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more, and we'll automatically remember and reminds you of them weeks ahead of time so you always have a card to send. 

We Send!

Our Greeting Card Subscription enables our members to send handwritten greeting cards directly to loved ones with our sign and send feature. This feature is absolutely free to all subscribers and allows you to type in a special message to loved ones and we'll handwrite and send it out for you on your behalf in penmanship.

We Help You Save!

Our Greeting Card Subscription let's you save time and money when buying greeting cards.  When you sign up to one of our greeting card subscriptions you'll save up to 50% on brand names including Hallmark, American Greetings, Remindedbyyou.com Designs, SNAFU Designs & More. Plus, since it's right online you can avoid waiting on long lines at pharmacies, card stores and more.